Now that you've arrived at the best BJJ training site, you undoubtedly have questions about the program, why it works, and how the online site works.
The questions below should answer your common questions. If you still aren't satisfied after reading below,
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Can you get awarded a belt through this site?
ABSOLUTELY NOT. We follow the IBJJF rules with regards to awarding belts and as such will never let you submit videos to be awarded a belt. However, if you have proof of training and want to come test with Draculino for a week, he may decide to award a belt. Again, we follow the Federation guidelines when awarding belts and see this site as a fantastic compliment to regular training.

What makes this site better than viewing videos on BJJ sites?
This site is for training with PROVEN techniques in a PROVEN curriculum. Watching a technique from a random person online may help your game a bit, but that person may just as well be reinforcing bad techniques.

Possibly even more important than technically correct techniques is the curriculum framework the techniques live within. A technique by itself is great, but for it to be effective you need to know the counters and variations that apply. This program delivers instruction in an organized, logical, and intuitive way that is battle tested.

Each week new lessons are rolled out that help you best round out your game.

What is taught?
While the site is focused on Jiu Jitsu, it presents a well rounded approach to all aspects of the grappling game. It has gi and no-gi techniques, takedowns and throws, and general BJJ for MMA moves. Draculino is a world champion grappler and MMA fighter, and it is important to him that the game he teaches is well rounded.

Is this site for students or for schools?
Both. Students can come for help with specific techniques they are learning in their own academy, and school instructors can also dig a bit deeper and follow our structured lesson plans.

What is the difference between the two subscription plans?
Compare the subscription plans below to see which will fit your needs best.


How exactly do the lesson plans work?
Each week we introduce the techniques for the week. This include standup techniques, gi and no-gi BJJ techniques, and self defense. Each week the lessons build on what was already learned, so it's important to keep up.

Lesson plans are primarily meant for schools that need a solid curriculum, but there is no reason students can't use it as well.

Each lesson in the plan links to a detailed demonstration where the details and proper application are discussed. The technique is shown from multiple angles, and important details such as grips and positioning is shown in callouts.

Who is Draculino?
Draculino is a world famous BJJ black belt. He has not only trained dozens of champions and MMA fighters, but is himself a proven winner.


What type of computer do I need to access the site?
You need a newer computer with at least 512MB RAM and a high speed connection. The site uses Flash and requires at least Internet Explorer 7 or Firefox 3. It may work with other browsers but is not guaranteed to be fully compatible.

Do I need a high speed connection to access the site?
Yes, you need a high speed connection to view any of the training materials.

What resolution should my monitor be to best view the content?
The site was designed for more recent computers and requires a high resolution display. We recommend that you set your monitor to be at maximum resolution.

The video is playing choppy. What is wrong?
If you have an older computer, or if you have too many programs open, your computer may not be able to keep up with playing the videos. If this happens, first try rebooting your system to see if that fixes the problem. If it doesn't, then check the checkbox for slow computers found on the "My Account" page.


What types of payment are accepted?
Visa and Mastercard.

How often do you charge my account?
Your account is charged once a month for the upcoming month. You can cancel at any time.

How do I cancel my membership?
You can cancel your membership at any time by selecting the option inside your profile.

How do I update my payment information?
To update account information, you will need to cancel your current subscription and re-enroll with the new payment information.