LEARNING FAST is important for every jiu jitsu student. If you've been taking classes for any length of time, you'll quickly find a deep need to get better faster. You know some moves - a submission, a sweep - and it's frustrating when you aren't able to use them on your classmates. You may roll for hours and hours, but you just aren't getting better fast enough.

I have the answer, and it is NOT learning some new super slick flying submission or intergalactic guard that no one in your jiu jitsu class will be ready for. To really get better you need to train with a purpose.

Like the old adage goes, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. So to get better, make a plan, WRITE THE PLAN DOWN, and every day take a step towards reaching that plan. Only change direction once your goal has been reached. And you MUST WRITE YOUR PLAN DOWN! Trust me on this.

For many jiu jitsu students, the plan is to "get good at guard" or "get good at submissions". While this is a good start, you have to drill down and be much more specific. Your goal should be "Land a bump sweep on every rolling partner" or "Be able to hold side control for 15 seconds on anyone". Specific, measurable, and actionable. By setting small goals, you'll quickly be able to reach your larger goals.

So get your head into the BJJ game. Make a plan, any plan, and train hard! Start every class reminding yourself of your personal goal and make it happen. It won't happen instantly and you still need to be patient, but the famous CLICK will come, guaranteed. Once you reach a couple of goals, you'll start to see the payoff and wonder why nobody else has told you of this super Brazilian secret.

- Draculino


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