The brown belt who reigned among blacks


by Carlos Eduardo Ozorio [March 29, 2010] --

Bochecha on the back of Ferrari. Photo: Carlos Ozório

Marcus “Bochecha” Almeida was the only brown belt that guarantee himself a place in the main event at the World Pro Tryouts in Rio de Janeiro, repeating the feat of Rodolfo Vieira in 2009. Now, as with the said Rodolfo, Bochecha wants to return home to Brazil with the title and the thousands of dollars in prize money offered the winners in the UAE. However, before that can happen, the CheckMat representative has another commitment.

“I was scheduled to compete at the Pan-American. Now I’m going to California and then to Abu Dhabi,” he tells

To beat beasts lik Augusto Ferrari, his opponent in the final, the fighter had to overcome odds.

“I always expect to win, but there’s also that doubt. My hand was injured, with four stitches. I don’t even know if they busted, but it was worth it. ”

In the decider his win came from taking the back. Bochecha commented about the position.

“That one I pulled out of nowhere! I can’t even believe it. I practice a lot of those back positions. I tried hard to sweep, the judge didn’t give the points, so I ventured to his back. I had nothing to lose, I was losing, but I managed to get the hooks in and secure the points. It was great!” he says jubilantly.

Now the goal is to win everything. And the Pan and World Pro are coming up.

“My prep work has been done and now I just need to keep up the pace. It’s all about trying to achieve things things and be champion again."


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