New I-Phone App Launched!!!

After keeping the programmers locked in the closet for what seemed like weeks, we have finally done it.  We've released the one BJJ iPhone app to rule them all.'s new I-phone app! This is a FREE app that gives subscribers full access to all of your favorite jiu jitsu techniques on your iPhone anywhere and anytime.  I'd catch the beta testers in the parking lot before class watching half guard sweeps and nail them minutes later...  Nothing like instant reinforcement to cement those new techniques!
For those who are not subscribers, you can also download the app for free and get access to sample techniques.  Just be sure to subscribe through the web site if you want access to both.  If you subscribe through the iphone app you'll only get access to the iphone app.  (This app was too powerful for Apple and we had to remove that ability for it to be approved!)
So train hard and let me know what you think!