Monson’s Manager Explains Absence


by Carlos Eduardo Ozorio [February 25, 2010] --

Yet again the expected arrival of Jeff Monson at the airport in Brazil did not come to pass. This is the second time the fighter failed to show up for a Bitetti Combat event, and nearly the second time Glover Teixeira was left opponentless because of it. Monson’s manager, Alex Davis, explains what happened.

“Jeff has a pending legal situation in the United States. In order for him to leave the country he needs authorization from a judge and an official. This official is enlisted by the American government to track convicts on release. Jeff managed to get authorization from the judge, but not the official. Had he come, he would have been arrested upon returning to the country. He made an effort, but this is what happened. We’re going to bring him, because he wants this fight, but we’ll have to do it a good while in advance. The problem is that Jeff never let us know,” explains Alex.

He also went on to explain how the job of being manager isn’t easy.

“In MMA there are a lot of things that go on behind the scenes. Bizarre things. I’m waiting for Jeff and he doesn’t show up, doesn’t even send an email. That comes with the territory and we go through millions of situations of the sort.”

Glover will now be facing Joaquim Mamute.


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