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Just Gi Pants.com - Free $50 Amazon Gift Card!!

How many times have you ripped your pants and needed a new pair.....but had to buy a BRAND NEW uniform just to get some new pants? Well Brandon "Wolverine" Mullins, the first American to win the No-GI World Championship two times in a row, has come up with a great idea. JustGiPants.com  A website that sells the most commonly ripped part of your uniform...the PANTS.  People are constantly grapping the cuff of your pants and the knees when you are working your latest spider or open guard technique and it is statistically the most damaged item when it comes to BJJ uniforms.

Since you must buy a new uniform in order to get the pants, it can get really expensive sometimes. This is a really great, affordable and viable solution to this problem, check it out. And make sure you fill out this quick survey (just asking you simple BJJ questions) for a chance to win a $50 amazon gift card.

Click Here for chance to win Free $50 Amazon Gift Card


Here is a comical video giving information about the Survey