Gurgel enters European as adult


by Marcelo Dunlop [January 26, 2010] --

Fabio Gurgel will no longer compete at the European in the masters and seniors division, he informed reporter Ivan Trindade. The move was for a good reason, though, as he will test his mettle at adult, as a heavy weight.

“It’s a way of celebrating my birthday. I want to turn 40 fighting among the young guys, ” Gurgel told

With the decision, from the four-time world champion General of Alliance will complicate the lives of a lot of kids in the category that includes Igor Silva, Igor Araujo and Marko Helen, as well as Bernardo Faria, a Gurgel disciple.

Friday, Fabio Gurgel will be at the GRACIEMAG booth in Lisbon’s Casal Vistoso gymnasium for an autograph session.


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