Draculino wins StrikeForce Fight


Draculino's comments after his win with INSIDEBJJ



“Man, now I can say. I fought against serious injuries before my fight. Meniscus and neck. Almost had to pull out due to a herniated disk on my neck.

But [i] could fight it, with the help of Dr. AJ Vasques, Dr. Lubor and Dr. Vu. and they let[got] me ready for the fight.

Fight was good. Rocky Long was [a] 45 fights veteran. Tough and strong guy. Really good boxer and hard to put on the ground. They cut my legs off on the decreasing of the rounds to three minutes rounds. I almost had a heart attack when they told me 3 days before the fight! But I did good. I think I would have submitted him with a little more time. I was in his back punching him and with his arm domminated and the choke was comming when the fight was over. But props to him. Really tough guy with lots of strengh.
I wanted to thank all the people who helped me on my training. My MMA coaches, Gordo, Soca, Renzo Gracie, Ricardo Almeida. My strengh and conditioning coach Kristen Sommers. My boxing coach Frank Adame. All my students from Gracie Barra BH and Gracie Barra Texas and Master Carlos Gracie Jr.”