Gracie Barra Texas Success

Poppa Rotzee:
The school is proven to be super successful here in Texas, is it getting to a point that you can put it on cruise control and spend more time training, or does it require more time from you as a coach the more successful it becomes?

It is a combination of both, really. WE have daily, two Black Belts World Champions on the mat teaching the kids and adults. No other school in Texas has that so it is already a great plus. Also, I teach pretty much most of the classes so besides those great guys, you have me there. So most of the times, you have 3 BB on the mat, besides other coaches that are awesome to. So I fell safe to leave classes in their hands with my eyes closed but, at the same time, I love to be on the mats, teaching and training, and there will you find me most of the times. Sometimes, due to my busy schedule, I travel or have to supervise other GB schools in Texas. That is also my job.