BJJ, Losing Street Cred?

Poppa Rotzee:
When UFC first came out, and Royce Dominated everyone he faced, bigger or smaller, in a no holds match….everyone saw Jiu-Jitsu as an unstoppable force. The thought it was the complete martial art for self defense. As other arts started to learn Jiu-Jitsu, they would use Jiu-Jitsu to defend jiu-jitsu so they could then attack with other styles. There was a melting pot of martial arts that eventually led to modern mma, which Jiu-Jitsu is a staple for. For some reason, there are these people who have emerged and begin to think that Jiu-Jitsu only works on a mat, or a cage and never in the street.

Jiu-Jitsu is, proved, the most effective form of Self Defense in the World. Like you said: before it was a FIGHT! Minimal rules. Pretty much a street fight. No time limit, no rules, no weight limit and everyone saw what happened. So BJJ covers pretty much all the common agressions that not non skiilled people can do to you. It is funny to see other styles copying JJ techniques and saying that it is theirs. For the street, you just need to adapt, a little bit, certain things. I tell from my own experience and by witnessing HUNDREDS of street fights that JJ IS effective and essential on the streets.

Poppa Rotzee:
Why do you think people think this? Where does this stem from and why are they wrong?

People think that because they say: I won’t be rolling on the ground with anyone. The truth is that you WILL be rolling on the ground with an agressor eventually if he is bigger, stronger, if you are in a situation that you don’t have space to stand up and move and etc. So if you don’t know how to “roll on the ground” you will be beat up pretty bad, like we saw thousands of times. Another misconception is about multiple opponents. People forget that JJ has stand up basic striking and stand up submissions. There a couple of things that you can do also to SURVIVE on a scenario with multiple people. But the truth is, muliple attackers, with minimal knowledge, will most likely kick your ass, doesn’t matter if you are the best striker, wrestler or grappler.


The Ultimate Fighter Coming To Brazil!

So TUF is coming to Brazil with to very exciting fighters. Wanderlei Silva and Vitor Belfort. What are your thoughts on this? Is it exciting to see TUF showcase the motherland, and who will you be pulling for?

That will be a great way to expose MMA to the masses in Brazil since GLOBO TV is number one in audience in the country. It is open TV watched by hundreds of Millions of people. I am just PRAYING that the fighters will behave in a professional way, showing that we are not thugs or dumb people. Even though it is changing, in Brazil, there is a lot of prejudice about fighters because in the past, some street fights gave us a bad name. A few people killed the work of the majority.

In regards to the coaches, Victor is faster, maybe more technical e precise, but Wand has something that it cannot be teach, HEART and STAR. He pulls things and make it happen. It will be a great fight!