Is cross training important for MMA or is important for self Defense!

Poppa Rotzee:
How important is cross training? Is it only important for MMA or is it important for self defense as well.

For modern MMA, on this rules with short rounds and the uneducated fans, it is imperative that you train a lot of striking and Wrestling, as well as BJJ. If you talk about Self Defense, considering as an aggression from a non fighter, BJJ self defense system is MORE than enough for you to defend your self.

Drac talking about the new classes at GB

Isael Zungia


Draculino – Thoughts on “MMA might of saved a mans life on Subway”

Feb. 14, 2011

Joseph Lozito is a rare case on the present society. People tend to ignore, run away and just be blind about other people’s problems, safety and misery.
That guy, with limited knowledge on self defense and unarmed combat, put his life in risk trying to protect himself and the others in the subway. He did well and thank GOD he is alive ( hurt but alive) but I really think that it is dangerous for you and others to try extreme measures like that without proper training.
My advice is that if an aggressor has a weapon, the best is to always avoid confrontation. If it is a life and death situation, such as with Joseph Lozito where the attacker is in front of you and lunges at you, then use self defense skills to save yours and other people’s lives.

That is why it should be MANDATORY for the civilian population to have decent and real Martial Arts training. Not the ones who are pure fantasy and a big money scam, but the serious ones, with recognized instructors following good methods ad curriculum.
Even though Joseph is a hero and did techniques learned by simply watching fights, you have to know that watching is not enough. You have to train them.


Draculino – Thoughts on up coming Strikeforce MMA fight

It is good to feel the itch again to test myself on the ring. That was something dormant there, a sleeping dragon, that is alive again. I feel the hunger and I am training hard here in Brazil, in all elements and trying to stay healthy and injury free (it is not as easy as before). Trying to train while being a full time instructor is tuff, it is good technically because you are always experimenting and evolving. But to get in physical shape, you need to push yourself and train constantly. Although it is harder to find time to train, It is very rare that I don’t train or exercise myself every day of my life. I have good expectations for this fight and I’m in it to test myself and have fun, win or lose.