In times when you see “Fighters” only caring, looking at their own selves and blaming others when things don’t go their way. In times when this “fighters” only represent their selves and want to be surrounded only by “yes, man” people. In times when this “fighters” think they are experts and train the way they want, saying that the coaches are not on their level….Well, I can consider my self lucky because I still have REAL MEN and MARTIAL ARTISTS in my life.

Like many, I had my share of shallow, fake, backstabber, dishonored and coward people around me but it is all good…..At the end, some Fighters, REAL ONES, will leave a Legacy and will always be respected no matter what ( Like this two Gentleman below). Others, will be forgotten and will never be able to demand RESPECT and LOYALTY ( you know who you are…)
Thanks for the REAL FIGTHERS that crossed my path ( you are too many to mention here). Some as Masters, some as Students, some as Training partners and some as Honorable Opponents. To all of you, Thanks from the bottom of my heart.
To the others….well, Thank you to, because I am proud to say: I AIN’T LIKE YOU! OSS!