Lapel Choke From Half Guard

Today I want to share another great technique with you. Today I’m going to show you a sneaky lapel choke, from the top of half guard. This is a good choke to apply when you are having trouble getting the whizzer and/or your opponent is doing good defending the choke.

It’s a sneaky choke that plays off of your opponents expectations and instincts. It tricks him into feeling as though he is efficiently defending an attack from you…and thats when you surprise him.

Check it out guys, I hope you like it.

And make sure you look out for my next email where I answer the question…“Is Jiu-Jitsu just a sport, or a proven martial art for self defense?”

Lapel Choke from Half Guard

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  1. John says:

    Awesome! Super slick move from that set up. Thank you for this, Professor!

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