Does BJJ Make or Break Bullies?

Poppa Rotzee:
Does learning how to fight, arm bullies with weapons to victimize other people, or does the humbling experience and journey through martial arts help prevent people from becoming (or continuing) to bully.

90% of the times, serious martial arts training make you more confident, then you will relevate a lot of potential fight situations because you know that you don’t need to beat up someone to prove a point. It is kind of when a little kid calls you names. Will you beat him or her? Of course not! That is how you feel when a non skilled person tries to pick up a fight with you. You just ignore….. but the thing is that if the instructor is a crook and a bully himself, then most likely he will teach hiis students to be bullies…..unfortunately, it happened. The funny thing is that most of this “instructors” are cowards and show lack of confidence in their selves. Lack of confidence causes a lot of fights. That is why normally a bully backs of when he feels confidence on the victim. They are fed with fear only.

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