Draculino Thoughts on Brazil and America

Poppa Rotzee:
American and Brazilian Contrast. As a person who has lived both in Brazil and America for some time now, what would you say the hardest part about living in Brazil was? What is the hardest thing about living in America now? Now, on the other side of that coin…what are the best things about living in America and what were the best things about living in Brazil?

Brazil is my home Country and where I have spent all my life. I have been in America for a long time, but living, only for 4 years so I can say I know more about Brazil than I know about America. Brazil: Advantages- My family, Friends, Rio and BH and for sure the FOOD!!!!! Disadvantages- Lack or organization, a little more violent than the US, not so good economy and Corruption in the Government. US: Advantages- Order, more respect to good professionals, better sense of community and better economy. Disadvantages- Food, insurance system ( legalized theft ), sales scams ( also legalized theft ) and way too many taxes! But I have to say that I LOVE living in America, specially in Texas, where, for sure, people are WAY NICER than SOME other places in the US.

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