Draculino Thoughts on Pan Ams

Poppa Rotzee:

1. You had a few people who train directly under you place at Pan Ams this year. I was really impressed (But not surprised) with a 15 year old yellow belt, Andy Cordova, not only competing as a blue belt….but winning first place. That is a tough division for someone so young. I was also impressed with Kristin Sommers consistency in winning top level competition. GB won the team trophy for Master/Senior and Novice While placing second in adult. With worlds now coming up…what do we do to stay on track and dominate the top of the podium?

Andy and Kristen are dedicated and determined. Andy is 15 and competed on the juvenile Blue Belt, winning the division. It is a HARD thing to do. He is monster strong for his age and very technical. Now we have to focus on keeping him focused and humble. On that age they tend to have with a tip on their shoulders but he is a good kid and he has an amazing family, who support him unconditionally. Kristen is an example to all of us of discipline and determination. Being over 40 never stops her. I’m her number one fan!

We cannot forget the students of GBBH. Carlos Terrinha won weight and absolute on the Black Belt senior 2, Felipe Carsalarde won Brown Belt Medium heavy Weight and there were other medalists to.GB won on the Masters and Novice division and came 2nd on the Adults. It is a matter of time for the new schools in America, such as GbTX, to have more graduated students to be able win the Pan Ams and Worlds again. The Europeans of this year and the regional tournaments we won this year.

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