Draculino – The End of My World Tour

Tour was great! Lots of work and traveling….7 different countries traveled and all seminars packed!
I wanted to thank my students Cristos and Aris ( Black Belts from Greece), Ahmed Alhouli ( Black Belt from Kuwait), Slaweck, Jakub ( Kuba), Pawel, Robert, Macin, Martyn and all the other instructors from Poland, Remco Pardoel, Frans ” Schumakcher”( Balck Belts from Holland), Jordy and Duane, also from Holland. It was, as always a great time and I am really proud of the quality of the work that my dear students are doing.
After that tour, I met my wife and kids there in Holland for a week of traveling.
The hardest part was stay far from my family, students and school. You guys don’t believe how much I like to be, day by day, teaching at GB Texas.

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