Draculino Travel Blog 11/14/2010


Kuwait- On the last day of the Seminar, I showed lots of submissions that come out of the nowhere and the students liked it a lot! It was a great time and early morning on the next day I left to Poland, via London.
The layover in London was 6 hours…..and the flight got delayed 1 hour. So, 7 hour flight from Kuwait, plus 7 hours in London, plus 2 hour flight to Warsaw. It is more than going from Houston to Japan!

Poland- Arrived in Warsaw at 10 pm. I was picked up by Pshamec, a purple belt from GB Pozdnan. He is the assistant instructor at the school. We have some pasta and crashed in Warsaw, which is 4 hours from Pozdnan, the city of the seminar. We left early morning because I had to be at the instructors meeting at GB Pozdnan, where the GB representatives of the country would be there to talk about the future, any problems or concerns and others. It was good and we left after for dinner. Came back around 11 pm to the hotel ( really good by the way) and ready to go to bed now, tired from all this plane and car trips. Tomorrow it is the first day of the seminar. Will get back to you guys soon.

Take care and all the best.

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