Thoughts on UFC 112 – Silva vs. Maia

Silva is on a level above the other fighters on that division. He is perfect on timing things and also taking the fight to his style. I know him and Damian personally and they are both great guys. Really respectful but in that match, Anderson was a different person than the real Anderson. He has to be careful because once you get in a certain level, you will be surrounded by a lot of people who want to be like the “Pirate’s Parrot” and just want to enjoy the fact of being around the champ, but not being really helpful.

Edgar did outstanding! Great performance. Congrats to Ricardo Almeida, my former team mate in Brazil, for being such a great coach and helping Edgar to do what a lot of people thought was impossible: beat BJ Penn. Close fight though.

Renzo is and will always be a legend, our hero and among the best ever. Look who he fought and his results? He fights because he LOVES it! He could sit and watch but he practices what he preaches! He was showing a great improvement on boxing and winning the first round and half the second, but the tiredness caught him and then he was on auto pilot. Congrats to Hughes for being respectful and having an excellent strategy.

– Drac

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