A funny story…

There are lots of funny stories from the BJJ community. We could go on forever telling them, but there is one that really stands out for me.

One time I was sick and unable to go and teach a class. My assistant instructor had a car wreck and was also unable to show up in time. So one of my senior students, Danilo Felipe, was there and offered to teach the class.
There was a girl, a famous Brazilian model, who was there for Danilo’s first ever BJJ lesson. Danilo didn’t know the curriculum for the first lesson. So after the warm ups he goes up to the extremely pretty, and shy, girl and lies down belly-up on the mat and says, “Come on sweetie, mount me. I will show you how to dominate a man here!”

The girl says, “Excuse me? What are you talking about?”

He goes, “About domination, and next I will show you how to finish a man from the all fours position.”

The model took off running scared and Danilo couldn’t understand why! I had to talk to the girl a lot and make her understand that it was just a miscommunication on Danilo’s part. Even to this day, Danilo still can’t figure out why she took off running. He was just trying to show her some Jiu-Jitsu!

– Drac

2 Responses to “A funny story…”

  1. POPPA ROTZEE says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHA…thats hilarious.

  2. Lúcio Cardoso says:

    Danilo Manoel!!!

    One of the tops in BJJ and simply the best in the funny stories!!!