The Ultimate Fighter Coming To Brazil!

So TUF is coming to Brazil with to very exciting fighters. Wanderlei Silva and Vitor Belfort. What are your thoughts on this? Is it exciting to see TUF showcase the motherland, and who will you be pulling for?

That will be a great way to expose MMA to the masses in Brazil since GLOBO TV is number one in audience in the country. It is open TV watched by hundreds of Millions of people. I am just PRAYING that the fighters will behave in a professional way, showing that we are not thugs or dumb people. Even though it is changing, in Brazil, there is a lot of prejudice about fighters because in the past, some street fights gave us a bad name. A few people killed the work of the majority.

In regards to the coaches, Victor is faster, maybe more technical e precise, but Wand has something that it cannot be teach, HEART and STAR. He pulls things and make it happen. It will be a great fight!