Attacking while IN Someones Guard?

Poppa Rotzee:
Its common knowledge that you don’t typically attack someone, while you’re in their guard…you focus on passing. However, one of our team mates proved to be pretty successful attacking while in someone’s guard with an Ezekiel. Is there any other techniques that work there? I’ve caught some people with the “old man armbar” a few times while in someone’s guard, but even it is risky and you can get your back taken…is there any other techniques that can be done from there?


I wouldn’t tell that to a beginner, because passing the guard is a fundamental that have to be trained everyday and also because attacking for submissions someone inside the guard u are fighting two arms against two arms, two legs and the hips. So it is not very intelligent. However, u can get tricky things such as foot locks, knee locks, calf slicers, Ezekiel’s, arm triangle, some armlocks and more. But be careful!!!!!!!!