Draculino Gracie Barra Tx Student wins fight by TKO in 2nd Round

Draculino Gracie Barra Tx Student wins fight by TKO in 2nd Round

Isai Cabrera – Won my fight by TKO in the 2nd round. Couldn’t of done it without God my awesome coaches, teammates who are always beating me up in the gym and the amazing support group i have! Thanks everyone it really means a lot!



Schedule Change!

Schedule Change!!!

Posted on March 20, 2013 by admin

We will be making a small schedule change regarding the Tuesday night boxing class. It will now be split into a Youth Boxing from 6:45-7:30 and a Adult Boxing from 7:30-8:30. I believe the age group for the Youth will be from 7-14 years of age. More info coming soon. Stay tuned!!



In times when you see “Fighters” only caring, looking at their own selves and blaming others when things don’t go their way. In times when this “fighters” only represent their selves and want to be surrounded only by “yes, man” people. In times when this “fighters” think they are experts and train the way they want, saying that the coaches are not on their level….Well, I can consider my self lucky because I still have REAL MEN and MARTIAL ARTISTS in my life.

Like many, I had my share of shallow, fake, backstabber, dishonored and coward people around me but it is all good…..At the end, some Fighters, REAL ONES, will leave a Legacy and will always be respected no matter what ( Like this two Gentleman below). Others, will be forgotten and will never be able to demand RESPECT and LOYALTY ( you know who you are…)
Thanks for the REAL FIGTHERS that crossed my path ( you are too many to mention here). Some as Masters, some as Students, some as Training partners and some as Honorable Opponents. To all of you, Thanks from the bottom of my heart.
To the others….well, Thank you to, because I am proud to say: I AIN’T LIKE YOU! OSS!




Gracie Barra Tx


Poppa Rotzee:
How do you feel Gracie Barra Texas has proven itself in competition. Where do you think most of the success stems from

I think that the results speak for it self. We are one of the newest schools in the State and with arguably the best team results locally and the most successful competitors on the International scene with World Champions, Pan Ams, Europeans, Master and Seniors and etc. The secret is the dedication that every athlete puts on it’s training and the union that GB has here in Texas. We are at the same page and the few who are stubborn to not follow what is happening are loosing and will fade away. We have wonderful Athletes, Students, Coaches and Professors such as Ulpiano Malachias, Alexandre Dande, Ted Stickel, Tyler Bossard, Alex Gotay, Leo Cantu, Fabio Gigantinho, Fabiana Borges, Alejandro Siqueira and many, many more. Forgive if I did not mention some but the ones are mentioned are the one with closest contact with each other.


GBTX gets several wins

Very happy to see that Gracie Barra in Texas got several wins and mentions in between association, school and athletes with the TXMMA Grappling and BJJ awards. The voting process was fair and I would like to congratulate all the winners and mentioned. Carlos Machado got the well deserved award for being the GODFATHER of BJJ in Texas. Master, you have a huge fan here on that guy : )