GBTX gets several wins

Very happy to see that Gracie Barra in Texas got several wins and mentions in between association, school and athletes with the TXMMA Grappling and BJJ awards. The voting process was fair and I would like to congratulate all the winners and mentioned. Carlos Machado got the well deserved award for being the GODFATHER of BJJ in Texas. Master, you have a huge fan here on that guy : )


Draculino – Grace Magazine – Sit Up Guard – 1

Draculino shows some techniques for Gracie Magazine, in the sit up guard.


Misson 2 Accomplished

Well….Mission 2 accomplished. Brandon Wolverine Mullins and Romulo Barral won their divisions at the Europeans, and they were the only two to submit their opponents on the finals. We cannot also forget the great performance that Gracie Barra put on in Lisbon, specially my students and representatives from Gracie Barra Greece, Gracie Barra Poland, Gracie Barra Neatherlands and many others. It is one of this weekends that the work pays off. UFC and IBJJF, the top of the chain in each sport, has some of us there at the top.


Congratulations Sapo for win in UFC on FOX

Mission one accomplished! Congrats Rafael Natal Sapo for the great performance at the UFC Fox. Sapo always puts on a great show and is an exciting fighter to watch. We are all very proud of him and continue to support him on his way to becoming a champion!


Brandon “Wolverine” Mullins wins European Open 2013

Brandon “Wolverine” Mullins, a head coach at Gracie Barra Tx took home the gold at the 2013 European Open. We would like to give a special congratulations to him for his accomplishments. Brandon has proven to be one of, if not THE BEST, competitor to come out of Texas.


About to make weight with Rafael Sapo Natal

About to make weight and @rafaelsaponatal will be ready to rock!


Seminar Pictures From Montreal!

Here are some pics from an awesome seminar in Montreal!


Checking in at Gracie Barra Montreal!

Going to be a Great Seminar here, I’m excited!


Martial Artists

This goes to all these meat heads, Tapout/Affliction and MMA wannabes. “Fighters and Coaches” who never even TRAINED and keep acting like tough guys and experts in MMA and BJJ. Before being a fighter or coach, be a STUDENT. Humble, disciplined and with team/family spirit. A true martial artist is built that way. There is NO OTHER WAY.


Classic Moment Mamute defeats Junior Dos Santos

Joaquim Ferreia is seen holding you over his shoulder in victory, after a MMA match, how did that fight go?

That picture was taken after my Student Joaquim Mamute submited Junior dos Santos ( UFC heavy weight Champ) via armbar in Brazil 4 years ago. It was a great moment. He is the only fighter to date to have beaten JDS in MMA. He is coming from 3 fight win streak and I think he NEEDS to be in the UFC. That is justice.