Draculino Thoughts on Nick Diaz vs Braulio Estima

Poppa Rotzee:
What are your thoughts on the Nick Diaz vs Braulio Estima match? Obviously Braulio is the favorite, is he yours as well? If so, what strategy do you think Nick should use to go for a win?


Braulio is the favorite. This is unanimous since it’s Braulio’s speciality and bread and butter. And he is one of the best in the World on it. Well, Braulio is my team mate so I won’t root against him but, in a hypothetical situation, if I were Cesar Gracie, I would tell Nick to work a lot on defense and scramble as much as possible. Let me clear here that I am with Braulio all the way but admire Nick Diaz A LOT. He is a real warrior and a REAL representative of Jiu-Jitsu. That will be a great match!


Marcelo Uirapuru’s Seminar

Att GBTX students, RUN, don’t walk, to secure ur spot to Professor Marcelo Uirapuru’s seminar on Tuesday, the 3rd. If you can’t make it there, GB Westchase will be holding a session this Saturday, the 31st. Don’t pass that opportunity to learn with one of the best in the business. There are still some spots available.

Also good luck to all GBTX and GBBH athletes competing this weekend at the Pan Ams in Cali. You are too many to name: )


Gracie Barra Texas Success

Poppa Rotzee:
The school is proven to be super successful here in Texas, is it getting to a point that you can put it on cruise control and spend more time training, or does it require more time from you as a coach the more successful it becomes?

It is a combination of both, really. WE have daily, two Black Belts World Champions on the mat teaching the kids and adults. No other school in Texas has that so it is already a great plus. Also, I teach pretty much most of the classes so besides those great guys, you have me there. So most of the times, you have 3 BB on the mat, besides other coaches that are awesome to. So I fell safe to leave classes in their hands with my eyes closed but, at the same time, I love to be on the mats, teaching and training, and there will you find me most of the times. Sometimes, due to my busy schedule, I travel or have to supervise other GB schools in Texas. That is also my job.


Gracie Barra 2.0 – Ready For Competition

Poppa Rotzee:
Gracie Barra is Starting (Or should I say RE starting) a training regiment where everyone gets together and trains with each other…can you tell me a little about that?


It is an awesome fact that GB is focusing again on the competition scene with all energy! GB went through a lot of re structure on all it’s departments and now the competition one is all set. We have very good people ahead of the camps and I can say that TEXAS will have also, 3 days a week, beginning May, a special competition training at GB Texas. All GB athletes, Blue Belt and up, are welcome to come and participate. The sessions will be grueling and hardcore and please come withe lots of disposition! Email us at info@graciebarratx.com for more info.


Pan Ams is Right Around The Corner!

Poppa Rotzee:
With Pan Ams around the corner, do you have any students competing? Will you be out there coaching?

This time I won’t be able to go, since my two main Instructors will be there competing and I need to stick around. The coaches will be the ones competing Professors Brandon and Pablo. We have about 10 guys going and they all look sharp! expect for some new faces coming up on the big scene.



The IBJJF comes to Houston and puts on action packed tournament once again with familiar names such as Ryan Hall, Bruno Bastos Cruz, Justin Rader, Bruno Rocha, Patrick Head and Alexandre Ceconi to name a few. In attendance coaching were such recognizable names as Draculino and new comer to the Houston scene, Rillion Gracie. Draculino was able to lead Gracie Barra to win the 1st place team trophy for the 2nd year in a row as we continue to dominate all major Houston tournaments.


Here are Highlights from the previous year in 2010