Good times at 2008 NOGI Pan AMS

Good times at the 2008 NOGI Pan AMS in New York. The Gracie Barra BH crew represented well as always with all the people at the picture winning their divisions. From left to right: UFC fighter and World Champions Rafael Natal Sapo, 4 TimeWorld Champion and the Creator of the Berimbolo, Samuel Braga, the number one Ranked Senior Balck Belt Competitor by the IBJJF rankings, New England GracieTerrinha, a stubborn old bird that got lucky that time and Prof. Marcelo Uirapuru, World Champion 2 times and on that day submitted at the finals the ace Lucas Lepri in 35 Seconds. I am the luckiest Professor in the World because I have the best students and people by my side. OSS!























With the growth of the Sport, the distance and the busy life that I have, it is impossible to be at all places that my Students, Students of my Students and Friends are Fighting. But this weekend’s results were excellent! Congrats Joaquim Ferreira, Mauro Celso Guilherme Santiago, Gustavo Lott, Edson Sururu Jorge and Isai Cabrera for their Victories in Brazil and Houston. Also congrats to Romulo Barral, Gabriel Arges ( Bronze), Terrinha GB New England Gracie, Luiz Guerra Brandon Mullins ( Silver) and Andy Cordova ( Double Gold) for their performances at the Pan Ams 2013. Congrats also to all the other Warriors that represented GBBH, GBTX and Gracie Barra, winning or not. The Legacy is alive and well!


Draculino – Grace Magazine – Sit Up Guard – 4

Draculino shows some techniques for Gracie Magazine, in the sit up guard. This is the 4th set of moves for this series.


Draculino – Grace Magazine – Sit Up Guard – 1

Draculino shows some techniques for Gracie Magazine, in the sit up guard.


Misson 2 Accomplished

Well….Mission 2 accomplished. Brandon Wolverine Mullins and Romulo Barral won their divisions at the Europeans, and they were the only two to submit their opponents on the finals. We cannot also forget the great performance that Gracie Barra put on in Lisbon, specially my students and representatives from Gracie Barra Greece, Gracie Barra Poland, Gracie Barra Neatherlands and many others. It is one of this weekends that the work pays off. UFC and IBJJF, the top of the chain in each sport, has some of us there at the top.


Guard Passing – Brandon “Wolverine” Mullins

Gracie Barra Texas Black Belt Instructor, Brandon “Wolverine” Mullins teaches a few tricks for guard passing.


Draculino Teaches 3 Guard Passes

Draculino Taught 3 Guard Passes at the Gracie Barra Head Quarters in California



Draculino – Teaching at Irvine California

Some insight on Draculino running the training camp at Gracie Barra America
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Draculino runs the camp at Gracie Barra America

Draculino runs the camp at Gracie Barra America.

Monday through Friday this week, from 10:30AM to 12:30PM, nearly 70 Gracie Barra students gather at the team’s headquarters, in Irvine.

There, they meet for their team’s training camp for the first ever Worlds Master & Senior, with four-degree black belt Vinicius “Draculino” Magalhães at the helm.

The leader of Gracie Barra Texas traveled to California specially for this one.

“The turnout was great, and the guys’ skill are evolving on a daily basis. It’s amazing”, says Draculino in celebration.

The professor gave a hard time to his Jiu-Jitsu studentsThe professor gave a hard time to his students paid a visit to the camp last Tuesday, when Draculino dedicated the morning to teaching guard passes.

After showing three movements, the professor supervises his students, giving pointers whenever he sees something wrong.

To one of them, he gives more of a philosophical lesson, but also a very practical one: “In the master & senior divisions, you can’t afford to make a mistake. You have to get ahead on the scoreboard. There isn’t much time to comeback. So, when you get to a position, make sure you get the points before going for the submission,” lectures Draculino, after seeing a student going for the armbar before stabilizing a mount.

It’s two hours of intense training, and those who are competing train harder.

Draculino salutes each one of his studentsDraculino salutes each one of his students

“You have to get ready here! They are getting in shape physically and technically. At the end of the last day, I am going to give them a nice speech so they get in the right mindset to compete”.


Professor Marcelo Uirapuru Now with 5 submissions in 5 Fights

Prof. Marcelo Uirapuru last fight. Now with 5 submissions in 5 fights…


What Makes an Instructor Good, Bad or Great?


Poppa Rotzee:

To you, what separates a bad instructor from a good instructor, from a GREAT instructor?



Bad teaches you bad technique and don’t inspire you. The Good teaches good technique but does not inspire you. The great teaches Great Technique and Inspire you everyday to be a better person.


Poppa Rotzee:

What are some common mistakes NEW instructors make when they first start teaching.



They tend to teach only what they do best. They don’t know that someone’s BJJ game varies according to lots of factors. So a good instructor have to be able to show all the facets of BJJ not only what he likes to do.

Poppa Rotzee:

What do you do differently that causes many people to consider you one of the “Great” instructors of our time?



First of all I never considered my self great in anything. I am just a hard worker who have the real and genuine desire to make my students better than me. If in the process people recognize that, great. It is a consequence of my work.


Poppa Rotzee:

As someone who likes to constantly improve, you must know where weakness, what is something that was hard for your to learn or for you to do while on your path of becoming a great instructor. (Example: some people may have hard time speaking in front of people, some people may know how to do the techniques, but not know how to explain them to other people…etc, what was yours)



Mine was to keep the class going for very long after it was time to be finished…..But now I stopped that : )