Legacy Fighting Championship – Video

Below is a video of some of the great action from the recent Legacy MMA event here in Houston.  Skip to 1:10 for all the action.



Joe Rogan Responds to Draculino’s Interview

Draculino recently discussed his thoughts of Joe Rogan during the filming of an earlier interview.  Someone alerted Joe to the comments and he responded via his forum. Below is his response along with Draculino’s thoughts.




Houston International BJJ Open Video



Brazil Fight MMA

The Brazil Fight MMA was the biggest MMA event in the last two years in Brazil!  Forty-five hundred people packed the arena and some of the best fighters in Brazil put on a show!  Gracie Barra/Fusion BH had five fighters.  Mauricio Faccao put on a show of technique and aggression and submitted his opponent, William Vianna, via guillotine in the second round.

Then Gustavo Coelho fought the toughest fight of the evening in a stand up war and lost in a split decision to Gabriel Bob Esponja.  After that, we had Edson Sururu Jorge dominating through three rounds against Fernando Paulon, from Brazilian Top Team, but two judges saw it differently and gave Fernando the majority draw!? The audience went nuts and a little riot started but thank GOD everything turned out ok.

The two last fights were two of my top students of all time (BJJ World Champions Erick Wanderley and Cristiano Titi) and they both submitted their opponents ( Johny Cyborg from RFT and American Wrestler Rico Washington from Minessota Fight Factory) in the first round, closing an outstanding night for GBBH.

– Drac



Response for SherDoggers – Interview 4 (Champions)




I was recently asked about what goals I have for myself now that I’m at this level in Jiu-Jitsu. My role as a Martial Artist is to try my hardest to change people’s lives for the best. This is what makes me happy and satisfies me now. If in the process I make more world caliber champions, great. If not, I think I made my contribution.

I want to be sure and contribute and expose how beautiful, effective and life changing our art is.

– Drac


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Response for SherDoggers – Interview 2 (Super Fight)



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