Student Point of View – In class footage of a Loop Choke from the advanced program

Here is a classic from DraculinoTeamTx archives

Student Point of View – In class footage of a Loop Choke from the advanced program.



Tripod Sweep

Be a fly on the wall at Gracie Barra and learn this great sweep that starts from the standing position and puts you into a dominant one right from the get go! Check it out as Draculino shows a Tripod Sweep for


Draculino: Travel Blog Video!


Travel blog. 11-05-2010

3:40 AM

I will try to keep you updated with my tour of seminars in Europe and Kuwait as much as possible. Sending videos, pictures and texts.
Just arrived here and I am REALLY tired……long flight and the time difference between Athens ( Greece) and Houston is 7 hours ahead…..
I have a seminar Saturday and Sunday organized my representatives and Black Belts, Kristos Karatzaferis and Aris Xhincaviou. It will be close to the olympic stadium, on a big facility.
Talk to you guys later. Right now I can barely write….too tired.
Miss all of you at the school already. Keep training hard.

1:58 PM

Today was off day so I went to Gracie Barra Greece and then to visit again some great historical places here in Athens.
Will send some videos for you guys to check it out.
Miss you all.
All the best.
ps- guys, please take to time to do some extra praying for our Brother Thiago. He is in need of all of our positive vibes. Thanks.


Today we have the seminar here in Greece. At the Olympic Judo Dojo. That is the 9th time that I come for this yearly event.
Yesterday we had a great time visiting these beautiful places in Athens. I never get tired of coming here because it is so incredible.
This picture is from the highest point of the city center here. A place that has a Church that is dated from the 1600’s. The place is Lekavitous.
From there, you can see a 360% view of the huge city of Athens. For those of you who don’t know, Athens is where Democracy was born. The city is 4 thousand years old!!!!! That is where the western civilization, as we know today, got it’s concept created.
Great to visit! It is a must for everyone to come and enjoy this place. If any of you guys get a chance to come, you will have a GREAT place to train! Gracie Barra Greece is headed by two of my Black Belts, Kriston and Aris.
Even though I am happy to be here, I miss you guys and my family…..also, I am really sad about knowing about our brother Greg’s fight. He was committed and ready, but things like that happens…..if you step in there, anything can happen, including a referee stopping the fight when you are intelligently defending yourself. But, anyways, props to the kid that fought him. He did what was needed to be done…. Tough kid. Also congratulations to our brother Angel Huerta!! You are definitely showing your heart and abilities and you will continue to improve and dominate!

See you guys later.
Your fan.


VIDEO: Draculino’s Strike Force Fight


Draculino – Training for Strikeforce in Brazil

Here is a video of Draculino training for Strikeforce while in Brazil. They are putting him through hell!


Jiu-jitsu with Vinicius Draculino Magalhães – InTheGuard.Tv

“Settled in the United States, Vincius ‘Draculino’ Magalhães is the most responsible for spreading Jiu-jitsu in Minas Gerais-Brazil. He received the Intheguard at his academy in Belo Horizonte and showed, exclusively, only techniques that students have access.” – In The Guard TV



Response for Sherdoggers – Interview 5 (Roger Gracie and Texas)



Draculino GB Student Credited with Stopping Assault – Now with More Video!



Chris Reed at the office. File photo by Kim Thayer Evans [April 27, 2010] — Remember when Nassau Bay City Manager Chris Reed was hailed as a hero for chasing down that guy in the Best Buy parking lot a couple weeks ago?

Now you can see the video taken from the police patrol car first on the scene.

League City police say that on April 10 Reed, a former police officer who’s also a professional mixed martial arts fighter, had been shopping for a dishwasher when he and his teen-age daughter saw a man pushing a woman to the ground and punching her in the face. Police say the man ran away but Reed chased him down, pinned him to the ground until police could arrive, then backed off fast so that police wouldn’t mistake him him for a bad guy and Taser him.

After the incident was publicized, Reed said he received telephone calls and e-mails from people throughout the Houston area. One man even offered to buy him a dishwasher, which he declined.

Fellow city managers from across the state also called and said it was nice to see a city manager in action. Police officers joked with him about not being able to get law enforcement out of his system.

Reed also heard from mixed martial arts enthusiasts and was interviewed by a fighting web site called about the incident. Mixed martial arts fans praised the fighter known as “The Celtic Tiger” for stopping the man and showing restraint in doing so.

“It was pretty overwhelming,” Reed said.

Reed said he doesn’t consider himself to be a hero.

“Hero? Absolutely not,” he said. “I feel that by training and background it was a blessing to be at the right place right time to help the young lady and to prevent the guy from getting himself into more trouble.”

Original Article:


Draculino Interview with InTheGuard.Tv

“ went to Belo Horizonte to talk to BJJ master Vinicius “Draculino” Magalhães. Currently living in the United States, he talked with’s reporter Olivar Leite about the evolution of Jiu-Jitsu in the country, Abu Dhabi Pro Jiu-jitsu, great names in BJJ and the pros and cons about living in America.”



Lapel Choke from Half Guard – Video