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“I really think that steroids don’t make champions, but helps to make champions.”    Draculino

Grapplers Review got a chance to catch up with the man known as “Draculino” at the IBJJF Houston Open 2013. If you don’t know who Draculino is, let me give you a crash course since you’ve been living under a rock.

Vinicius “Draculino” Magalhaes

4th Degree Black Belt under Carlos Gracie, Jr.

Has taught BJJ for over 18 years, and has produced Romulo Barral, Samuel Braga, AND Alberto Crane to name just a few.

His competition accomplishments are outstanding and are as follows…

  • 4x Pan American Champion (once in the master division)
  • Pan American No-Gi Champion in master division
  • 2x Brazilian National Champion
  • 2x Silver Medalist of World BJJ Championships
  • No-Gi International Master and Senior Champion
  • Abu-Dhabi Conte

Little Known Fact:

Along with Master Renzo Gracie, is also one of the innovators of the Spider guard and one of the first to use it successfully in competition. The spider guard is now a mainstay guard in BJJ with hundreds of sweeps, submissions and variation that come from it.

2-1 record in MMA and is the Regional Director for Gracie Barra Texas.

All of this is on wikipedia and (Get you some of, you won’t regret it)

Now lets enter the mind of Draculino on a few subjects.




What are your thoughts on submission only tournaments like Metamoris Pro that are popping up more frequently?

I love the idea. I think it’s great and awesome and i really think the spirit of jiu jitsu
should be submissions you know?

But the practicability of these tournaments, it’s tough because if you wanna do a tournament like that (points to the auditorium of the Houston Open) for example, 600 athletes…it’s never gonna finish, its never gonna end.

And if you, some people are talking about disqualifying if you don’t have a submission. Some divisions are not gonna have any winners. So it’s not really, you know, attracts a lot of attention.

So if you put it in a format that’s Metamoris, then I like it.



If you were offered a sub only fight would you do it?

Yeah I mean given the time was right, oh yeah definitely. I mean I never done nothing like that before. I would love to do that, that would be awesome.

If you could pick someone to compete against in that format, who would you choose?

Man, I’m not ever the kinda guy who would call out people or you know, say anything about people. If a match makes sense you know? The promoters know I was never the guy who says “Oh I wanna fight that guy”, I really don’t care. If the conditions are there, not too much, it has to make sense. I’m not a kid anymore you know? I’m in my 40′s now, and to get one of these kids that are competing every week end it may be tough.

Training with them is one thing, competing and get ready another. If it makes sense, why not?



Whens the next time you are competing? Anytime soon?

Man like right now, I am on the verge of doing shoulder surgery and after I get this fixed I gotta get better. Man it’s hard to believe the shoulder surgery cause I never have time.  Tomorrow I’m going to Kuwait, to Poland, to Greece gonna be in five countries in two weeks you know? And then after that we gonna see what we do.

With the sport evolving away from take downs and Judo, everyone double guard pulls to berimbolos…where do you see the sport in 10 years?

I always saw Jiu Jitsu as an art, a tool of self defense? That’s how I really saw it and really learned Jiu Jitsu. So we did and still do, I still do it, learn take downs and do the self defense aspect. We do competition aspect as well, it’s one of the facets of Jiu Jitsu. But I think that you know that you said, double guard pulls and all that stuff, I think when it begins to get too much away from reality…I begin to have a little problem with it you know what I mean?

If you get someone that double guard pulls in tournament for 10 minutes, everybody’s scared to get on top. I mean I understand I’m a competitor myself, I always was. You get somebody with a great guard maybe you want them to come to your guard but in reality what’s gonna happen you know? That’s one thing that doesn’t click.

And like I always say about MMA and all that, I think it’s good for you (to try) at least once if you’re Jiu Jitsu. If you’re a martial artist to test yourself in there cause it’s the real deal and you see if your martial arts practicability, works. You don’t have to go to the streets to prove that right? (starts laughing)



What are your thoughts on Steroid testing at major tournaments?

I like it, I really like it and it has my total support. The sport evolves, you gonna have better checking on how the athletes are doing for the athletes sake you know? Gotta make sure that people are not doing crazy things and stuff. Cause right now they just hear stuff like “Oh man this is good to do, you gotta do this just take this stuff”, and they do it. People are crazy man and who knows, maybe somebody dies one day and nobody wants that right?

I like it I think it’s a great idea and I think maybe, to be honest, that some people are gonna maybe change weight divisions. Some people not gonna be the winners anymore. I am excited to see what’s gonna happen.



Do you think people are gonna start dropping out before hand with “injuries” or something along those lines?

Uhhh, I believe so maybe. I really think that steroids don’t make champions, but helps to make champions.
The champions are people who really train hard and deserve to be champions. But huh, lets make everybody on the same page.  I think that if the champions are the ones that are dedicating more we’re still gonna see the same champions probably.
But if not, now we’re gonna find out. (laughing)



Final question for you, What are your thoughts on wrestling being taken out of the Olympics?

Man, I think it’s a shame. When I heard that, I mean I’m not a wrestler, I trained wrestling because I did some fights and I loved it. I loved the art of wrestling if you could say something like that.

Even though they don’t call themselves martial artists, I really think it’s a martial art in my opinion. I think it’s a shame cause wrestling is the oldest sport on earth. Before they have a ball to kick, before a ball to throw they were shooting and choking each other. Putting people back on the mats you know so it’s a disrespect. I don’t know the specifics about it but I just think that it’s a shame and I heard Chael Sonnen say something the other day, like him or not…

-interrupted by F bombs and chatter from passer by….

…but anyways he say something like, ether people like him or dislike him, but he said something really really interesting.

He said that, “this is something that is going on for a while, he said I would see that happen like a decade ago.” He said that supposedly the Olympic committee and the FILA, which is the whatever you know, they’re having some kind of things going on that people say and they were cutting wrestling more and more to the point of wrestling couldn’t  be saved anymore.

I don’t know exactly but he said something like that if it makes sense. I think it’s a shame and I think it’s really bad. I hope judo doesn’t go away too, lets see though. –




Vinicius Magalhaes is one of the best instructors in Jiu Jitsu today. If you don’t believe us then go to his site or pick up his instructional video Attack, Counter, Defend (not an affiliate link).

You will not be disappointed


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