Gracie Barra Tx


Poppa Rotzee:
How do you feel Gracie Barra Texas has proven itself in competition. Where do you think most of the success stems from

I think that the results speak for it self. We are one of the newest schools in the State and with arguably the best team results locally and the most successful competitors on the International scene with World Champions, Pan Ams, Europeans, Master and Seniors and etc. The secret is the dedication that every athlete puts on it’s training and the union that GB has here in Texas. We are at the same page and the few who are stubborn to not follow what is happening are loosing and will fade away. We have wonderful Athletes, Students, Coaches and Professors such as Ulpiano Malachias, Alexandre Dande, Ted Stickel, Tyler Bossard, Alex Gotay, Leo Cantu, Fabio Gigantinho, Fabiana Borges, Alejandro Siqueira and many, many more. Forgive if I did not mention some but the ones are mentioned are the one with closest contact with each other.

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