Insider: Draculino Vs Royler Gracie

Poppa Rotzee:
Talk to us about your matches with Royler Gracie. Was he the toughest opponent you ever had? What made him hard to beat? You did better every time you faced him, what was it that you changed in your game to make you better?

Royler was probably the most complicated opponent because I could not beat him in the 3 times we faced each other. He was really hard to beat since his physical condition was like and Olympic Athlete and he was like a machine. He did not commit any mistakes. Besides that, he was good everywhere, great takedowns, guard, top game, positioning and submissions. I think that I did progressively better against him because I improved my Takedowns, physical condition and also I studied his game a lot. So the last two matches were really close. Because of him, I restarted Judo training again after some years without training it.

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