Draculino on Nick Diaz and Braulio Estima

Poppa Rotzee:
There is a lot of controversy about NIck Diaz not showing up for the Braulio Estima match. Some say Nick made weight the night before and Braulio wasn’t at weight, then the next day…Braulio was at weight..ready to go…and Nick had already eat food. It all seems really confusing and a lot of blame being tossed around. Do you have any insight or comments

Man, I really don’t know what happened….I am just frustrated to not be able to see that great match up. It sucks for Braulio to come all the way from England and not be able to compete. Not sure what happened to Nick, but one thing for sure is that he wasn’t scared. He proved over and over that fighting stuff is in his blood. But I think that Braulio would win with no problems since it is his specialty.

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