Draculino’s Thoughts on his Rolled Up Episode

Poppa Rotzee:
I really enjoyed the Rolled Up Episode, How did you think it turned out? How did you first meet Budo Jake?

It was awesome! Jake is a specialist in Martial arts media and he did a great job. I’m having tons of great feedback and some people are saying that it was a great commercial for the Clear Lake, Houston Bay Area. I want to get my prize with the Mayors of the cities here!!!!! I met Jake when I filmed the DVD Attack, defense, counter. It was a BUDO production. He is a great guy and tough BJJ fighter.

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One Response to “Draculino’s Thoughts on his Rolled Up Episode”

  1. Angel Rivera says:

    Mestre, I saw your episode on rolled up, it was awesome!! You are so brilliant with attacks and counterattacks. You are a true motivator and a true gentleman. God bless you.