Draculino Thoughts on Nick Diaz vs Braulio Estima

Poppa Rotzee:
What are your thoughts on the Nick Diaz vs Braulio Estima match? Obviously Braulio is the favorite, is he yours as well? If so, what strategy do you think Nick should use to go for a win?


Braulio is the favorite. This is unanimous since it’s Braulio’s speciality and bread and butter. And he is one of the best in the World on it. Well, Braulio is my team mate so I won’t root against him but, in a hypothetical situation, if I were Cesar Gracie, I would tell Nick to work a lot on defense and scramble as much as possible. Let me clear here that I am with Braulio all the way but admire Nick Diaz A LOT. He is a real warrior and a REAL representative of Jiu-Jitsu. That will be a great match!

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