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Poppa Rotzee:
How is your Online Training Program going? Is it true that you are filming a bunch of No Gi Techniques?

Our training website has the proven methods and techniques to make a school a champion factory. I prove that with numbers and facts since GBBH for 12 years produces World champions, Pan Ams, national and MMA winners. Now in Texas, despite the fact that the school is only 4 years old, built from ground zero, we have the most accomplished team in the Texas BJJ scene, with also several good MMA fighters. It is not a coincidence. And there is no other online training system that has the same proven results. I teach at my schools the curriculum of the website. Exactly the same. And the results keep coming. Also, we are about to film a series of NOGi only techniques. I guarantee that u will see something never seen before.

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