Jiu-Jitsu or the Weight Room?

Poppa Rotzee:
With muscles needed a day to rest after heavy work outs in a weight gym, do you recommend working out on in a gym the same days as you train jiu-jitsu, or do you think its better to work out on days you don’t train jiu-jitsu?

It depends on your goals and level of commitment in BJJ. Professionals can do both and more stuff at the same day. When I train for a competition and fight, I do both and add more stuff on the same day. When you are not a professional but wants to train hard, if you go to the gym, training in a more technical way in BJJ on the same day may be a good idea. But honestly, if you love BJJ and is not a professional, train only in BJJ is MORE than enough to keep yourself in great shape and on a state of mine that no other activity can beat.

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One Response to “Jiu-Jitsu or the Weight Room?”

  1. Do you have an opinion on if grappling the day after lifting prevents you from properly recovering and thus get no benefit to lifting in the first place? It is hard to balance lifting with training and rolling.