Draculino – How to master Specific Areas in your game

If you wanted to become a master in one area (A specific position, take down, sweep etc) How much time would you spend on that each day or week?

The techniques that I do better are the ones that I drilled over and over and over….. It is not a coincidence that I have become good at them. This aspect of Jiu-Jitsu is very simple, the more you drill, the better and the quicker you will become efficient at it. I have a great example here at my school with Professor Brandon” Volverine” Mullins. He has been drilling the same technique for months, everyday. And he is doing in competition left and right! He said that he will do that technique 10 thousand times! To “MASTER” a technique…this kind of goal is good. Pick a few techniques, and then break down a schedule to realistically train them over the weeks and months and stick to it!

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