Draculino Travel Blog 11/15/2010


Poland. Day 1- As always it was a great time to teach the guys here. There are 4 main schools and all the instructors are really united and organized. The city of Podznan is really beautiful. Lots of old buildings with lots of history and it is the center of commerce and fairs of the country. The seminar, as in Greece, was held at the Judo Olympic center. Huge mat area. It is always full of people here but this year was even more…..more than 120 people, easy on the mats! We had a morning session with the GI and afternoon NOGI. The level of the fighters here is great and they are improving more and more. It is an army! Awesome! After the seminar, we had great food at a typical Polish restaurant.

Day 2- Sunday was the day to make a big and intense training session ( since the national BJJ tournament is coming) and there was a sea of people….I split the group in lightweights and heavy weights and we did competition training, similar to what we do in BH and in Houston. They loved it! Again, the great level of technical level was awesome! After this intense training, there was time to graduate the students form GB Poland. Lots of people…..The highlights were the brown and black belts. Robert and Marciel got their Black Belts and now in Poland there are 3 GB Black belts under me. Slwavec is the first BB, graduated by me last year, and he does a wonderful job with his students. Robert and Marciel are his older and top ones now. They are training BJJ for over 8 years and are among the best in Europe in their weight classes. European champions, ADCC qualifier champions and both are from the FILA grappling Polish team. After the seminar, there was a sea of people to take pictures and sign their belts. Took me one hour to do so but I would do it anytime because the guys are great with an awesome vibe.
Tomorrow it will be a day off ( finally). Will do some sightseeing here and Tuesday morning, go to Warsaw to catch my flight to Amsterdan, where I have a two day seminar.
Get back to you guys soon.
Miss you all. Train hard and see you soon.
All the best.

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