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Travel blog. 11-05-2010

3:40 AM

I will try to keep you updated with my tour of seminars in Europe and Kuwait as much as possible. Sending videos, pictures and texts.
Just arrived here and I am REALLY tired……long flight and the time difference between Athens ( Greece) and Houston is 7 hours ahead…..
I have a seminar Saturday and Sunday organized my representatives and Black Belts, Kristos Karatzaferis and Aris Xhincaviou. It will be close to the olympic stadium, on a big facility.
Talk to you guys later. Right now I can barely write….too tired.
Miss all of you at the school already. Keep training hard.

1:58 PM

Today was off day so I went to Gracie Barra Greece and then to visit again some great historical places here in Athens.
Will send some videos for you guys to check it out.
Miss you all.
All the best.
ps- guys, please take to time to do some extra praying for our Brother Thiago. He is in need of all of our positive vibes. Thanks.


Today we have the seminar here in Greece. At the Olympic Judo Dojo. That is the 9th time that I come for this yearly event.
Yesterday we had a great time visiting these beautiful places in Athens. I never get tired of coming here because it is so incredible.
This picture is from the highest point of the city center here. A place that has a Church that is dated from the 1600’s. The place is Lekavitous.
From there, you can see a 360% view of the huge city of Athens. For those of you who don’t know, Athens is where Democracy was born. The city is 4 thousand years old!!!!! That is where the western civilization, as we know today, got it’s concept created.
Great to visit! It is a must for everyone to come and enjoy this place. If any of you guys get a chance to come, you will have a GREAT place to train! Gracie Barra Greece is headed by two of my Black Belts, Kriston and Aris. www.brazilianjiujitsu.gr
Even though I am happy to be here, I miss you guys and my family…..also, I am really sad about knowing about our brother Greg’s fight. He was committed and ready, but things like that happens…..if you step in there, anything can happen, including a referee stopping the fight when you are intelligently defending yourself. But, anyways, props to the kid that fought him. He did what was needed to be done…. Tough kid. Also congratulations to our brother Angel Huerta!! You are definitely showing your heart and abilities and you will continue to improve and dominate!

See you guys later.
Your fan.

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