Draculino – My thoughts on my win at StrikeForce

How do you feel about your win at StrikeForce?

Not so bad for an old bird……I felt alive again on that fight! The itch came and I followed my guts. Now I can say (only people from my inner circle knew about it) but I had a serious neck injury on my training for that fight that almost cost me the return to the cage. I was actually fighting to be able to fight. Thank GOD I could get better with the great help of Doctors. AJ VASQUES, VU TRAN and LUBOR and my training partners. Lots of people said that I was crazy to be back with a opponent with 45 fights and in Houston, but all my life I dealt with challenges and I knew that I could do good, could show people that I am not done. It was the desiree of showing myself and others that I could do it.
Traning camp was great (besides the injuries)! 10 days in Brazil, 3 weeks in Houston, one week in New York and New Jersey. My training partners were the best! Too many to list but you know who you are. My coaches did a fantastic job (Gordo, Soca, Kristen Sommers, Frank Adame and Renzo Gracie) and I had the great help of MAster Rafael Cordeiro and Professor Ricardo Big Dog Almeida also.
Fight was ok…..they cut the time of each round from 5 minutes to 3 minutes 3 days before the fight! So I had to suck it up and adapt my game on last moment.
I made the weight with no problem. Fight was kind of what I expected. Rocky is very, very strong for a 145er. He is like a mini Chuck Liddell when you talk about standing back up after he goes to the ground. We exchanged a little on the feet then he defended the takedown but I got him on a heel hook that he scaped well but I was on top after. I did not allow him to get back up after this and used a neck control to pin him in the cage and knee him on the body, while trying to attack his neck.
Second round was boring and we deserved the booing. But I could not try a takedown while he was waiting this attempt to get me with a good shot (like he did lots of other times). So I used low kicks and body kicks to attract him. He came and I clinched. Pin him on the cage and I threw some knees on his body. round over.
Third round, Gordo told me: “you are winning. But the last impression is what wins fights. I want you to finish him!”. Then he said I smiled ( I don’t remember) and I put a jab, kick combo, he came to respond, I took him down on a single leg but now on the center of the cage. When he tried to get back up, I got his back. He defended really well grabbing my hand with 2 of his but I used my leg to trap one of his arms. Then I tried the choke. His neck is short so I was fighting it. Soca told me one minute! Then I thought about the armbar. I tried for a bit but on the wrong timing. He defended but I went back to his back. He tried to stand up with me and gave me a perfect angle to hit him. I did it and the last punch hit the side of his head and he dropped again on his knees doing a weird noise. I smelled the blood and went for the neck, now unattended. But round was over. I knew I won but, with all the respect, 5 minute rounds that fight would not go to decision.
Felt great after. I was almost forgetting: I like to fight!

Do you plan on fighting again, or was this a one time deal?

Now my goal is to expand my school and open another on in the next 6 months. After that…(winks) ….we will see 🙂

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  1. eduardo says:

    Bravo! 🙂 True warrior.

  2. Drew Ratichek says:

    That is a great account of the fight from the fighters perspecitive. Rocky is one tough tough man and you did outstanding. I was thoroughly impressed and you had the crowd going for sure. What a good win that was. Congrats.

  3. (nods/smiles with the face of approval) From what I just read, I agree 100% on the statement regarding 5-minute rounds. Major congrats!

  4. Jamaal says:

    Congratulations! Please tell me you are going to open one in Fort Worth. I am only a blue belt but I would even help finance it! Seriously. Jvalencal@yahoo.com if you are I interested in potentially starting a GB here. I trained in Italy and know alexandre batatinha vasconcelos, Andrea stoppa, and Carlos Maia have all entertained coming to the US to teach and train…as for me I just want to continue learning from legit sources.

  5. BJJ 4 Life says:

    Great fight, congratulations! You are an inspiration.

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