Draculino – Gracie Barra at the Worlds

At the BJJ Mundials my students are always making me proud! From Texas, even though they are pretty fresh and did not get medals at the Mundials, their performance was really good. Kristen lost on six points to the champ who submitted all the other girls. Calvin and Isai lost on the first match but did good even though way below their potential. And Brent Childers won the first two matches and lost to a Brazilian guy in his third. Felipe Carsalarde was our guy on the meduim heavy weight purple belt and won the first three matches by submission and lost on judges decision on the quarter finals.
From Gracie Barra BH, Pablo Silva and Samuel Braga closed the bracket on the Black Belt light feather ( 1st and 2nd ) in an awesome performance. Sergio Benini won the first match by submission and lost on the second. Bruno Robinho lost on a really controversial decision on his first match. They competed on the lightweight Black Belts. Romulo Barral got the silver medal in both meduim heavy weight and absolute. Unfortunately, he had a knee lesion during his medium weight finals and could not go on to compete on the absolute finals. He did outstanding as always.

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