Draculino GB Student Credited with Stopping Assault – Now with More Video!



Chris Reed at the office. File photo by Kim Christensen.by Thayer Evans [April 27, 2010] — Remember when Nassau Bay City Manager Chris Reed was hailed as a hero for chasing down that guy in the Best Buy parking lot a couple weeks ago?

Now you can see the video taken from the police patrol car first on the scene.

League City police say that on April 10 Reed, a former police officer who’s also a professional mixed martial arts fighter, had been shopping for a dishwasher when he and his teen-age daughter saw a man pushing a woman to the ground and punching her in the face. Police say the man ran away but Reed chased him down, pinned him to the ground until police could arrive, then backed off fast so that police wouldn’t mistake him him for a bad guy and Taser him.

After the incident was publicized, Reed said he received telephone calls and e-mails from people throughout the Houston area. One man even offered to buy him a dishwasher, which he declined.

Fellow city managers from across the state also called and said it was nice to see a city manager in action. Police officers joked with him about not being able to get law enforcement out of his system.

Reed also heard from mixed martial arts enthusiasts and was interviewed by a fighting web site called cagedoor.net about the incident. Mixed martial arts fans praised the fighter known as “The Celtic Tiger” for stopping the man and showing restraint in doing so.

“It was pretty overwhelming,” Reed said.

Reed said he doesn’t consider himself to be a hero.

“Hero? Absolutely not,” he said. “I feel that by training and background it was a blessing to be at the right place right time to help the young lady and to prevent the guy from getting himself into more trouble.”

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  1. POPPA ROTZEE says:

    WOW…that is very awesome. Your a true hero Chris Reed!!! Now if we can only get the best buy parking lot cam that shows you bounding over bushes in a single bound!!! lol

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