My Travels

I’ve been all over the world and each place has its great aspects – all of them.  It is so hard to decide which would be my favorite if I had to choose… Europe is good all over!  What a continent full of history and nature! Beautiful!

Kuwait and Abu Dhabi are unique and so refined. The people there treat me so well and give me so many presents that I always come home with extra suitcases!

Japan is also crazy different and unique, but I love that food!!!!! There are really tough guys in the light weight there. Scary!

Australia is also wonderful. What nature! Great people also!

And of course there is America, my new home.  All over the US is great!  What a great country that I chose to live!

And to finish, my homeland, the birth place of our art, Brazil. With all the problems, I still think that my heart will always live there.

– Drac

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