Seminars Schedule

I just had two seminars in Texas: Abilene and McAllen. They are always great! The instructors, Jeremy and David Bella, are showing some great work and GB is well represented in those cities!

I will be going to Lubbock, to the Pittman’s Martial Arts Academy (which I’ve visited for almost 10 years in a row), to visit my friend and third degree Black Belt under Carlos Machado, Klay Pittman.  He is the chief instructor there.

I am also scheduled to go to the GB Woodlands on March 20th. This is after my visit to my school in Brazil, Gracie Barra BH, where I will be teaching from the 8th until the 14th of March.  I also plan on attending an MMA event in the city while I am there.

We have several other things lined up for the year. Keep in touch!

– Drac

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