Response for SherDoggers – Interview 1 (Online Belts)


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  1. zeyad almutairi says:

    u r 100% right as my sensei (ahmad alholy- kuwait gracie barra pranch ) said the true belt u get it is in how much u spend time in matt tranning for me and the student of sensei (ahmad_alholy) we r happey to upgrade our belt by exame we do it in front our sensei and the sensei has the right to upgrade us or extend to another time. with all my respect for the other commertials school of bjj im very proude to be 1 of the student of sensei (ahmad- alholy ) and im sure my sensei proude to be 1 of draculino student at the end i woulde like to say for all people who want to learn the real bjj try to run for any schoole near to ur home of gracie barra and im sure u will be agreat fighter in bjj or valtoudo

    one more thing :- still gracie barra have the real sprite of bjj and alot of secert to know and we do our best to discover it time to time
    best regards for the blog and who is working on (ousssssssssssssssss)

  2. Danilo says:

    Drac is one the best teachers out there, I joined this website and I have found the right teacher and academy, I totally agree with what he has to say…I joined this website to learn from one of the best and to go to his academy to show him my mastery of the techniques he teahces, to know him and to let him know me…to represent a school I have been to and trained in! not to get a belt awarded to me online and say I have never met my teacher, my academy and team…too many people getting belts out there…and like Drac said its about putting the time to get your belt, I rather take as long as it takes to get my belt and earn it, yes earn it like Drac did than get my belt in less than 2 months just to have a belt…Drac thank you for putting your teachings for all of us to learn….I will be seeing you soon at Gracie Barra, my best to you and your students at the academy

  3. POPPA ROTZEE says:

    @ Danilo

    Hey man, good mentality!! I’m glad you signed up..this is a wonderful program and an amazing tool to help supplement your own training!

  4. Danilo says:

    Hey Thanks Rotzee , I think this is a great program and website, its really doing so much for my BJJ … I hadn’t seen so many great techniques put together like this, and the great thing about this program is that the basics have their own variation that makes them even more effective…I’m doing the blue belt recommended program, polishing my basics and learning techniques to help parts of my bjj that need to be worked…I’m hoping God willing that in July I will be visiting the academy to train with you guys for some 2 weeks or more, who knows I might get awarded a belt if I have earned it and shown mastery of the techniques! if not I will be back! but thats the goal! earning my belt and getting to know Drac and the whole team…I train 3-4 times a week for about 2-3 hours with my cousin, give my best to Drac, you are all doing great things for BJJ ! hopefully God willing I will fight to rep the academy! my best from Honduras.

  5. Danilo says:

    I have to also say that I had months and months training, prior to joining and this program made my technique soooooo much better its the best!!!!! oohh and Im saving up for that slick Gracie Barra gi!!!!

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