Draculino Teaches in 3d – GracieMag Intro

DraculinoBJJTraining.com is given a brief introduction in March’s issue of GracieMag.  To read the full introduction, click on the images below the excerpt.

“The Carlos Gracie Jr. student to produce the most black belts (over 60 of them) Vinicius Magalhaes will appear in three dimensions coming in February.  It’s not that the teacher of Romulo Barral was made into a Hollywood flick, or that he’s responsible for the lethal triangle that subdued the giant bird in “Avatar”, in the best scene of James Cameron’s latest endeavor.  Draculino did do a series of film shoots, but the innovative technology he got involved in was meant for the evolution of his Jiu-Jitsu, dear reader.”

March GracieMag Cover March GracieMag Drac Page1 March GracieMag Drac Page2

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