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by Mikey Triangles [January 24, 2010] —

“Okay guys for about a month or so I’ve been testing out Draculino’s new Online Training site, and I have to say that it’s really remarkable. obviously Draculino is well known for having great jiu-jitsu and a knack for teaching, but that isn’t the only thing that impressed me with this site. They really went head over heels to make something pretty special here.

Let me start with the thing that stands out the most when you first click a video on the site. No, it’s not just that they’re all in HD because that’s something you’d expect these days. What stands out the most is that each of the hundreds of categorized techniques in their video library are all shot from 3 angles, and when you watch the video all three angles are played simultaneously. This is something I haven’t seen before and certainly makes learning the details of a technique simpler and more effective, especially via video instruction.

The most direct angle is the default on the big screen and the other 2 angles are played in smaller screens underneath. If you decide you like angle 2 or 3 better than angle 1, and you’d like to play one of them in the big screen instead then you simply drag it and drop it over the big screen and there’s an instant seamless switch; however, if you have an ancient and slow computer like me you’ll have to go into your profile and click the “low-speed” option which will have the videos play one at a time to avoid lagging… though I’m probably the only one here with a computer from the 90’s still, lol.

Also, on the bottom of the screen for each video there’s a a short description, and on the side they display a list of related techniques including variations of and counters to the technique in the video you’re watching. There’s also a “favorites” button up top that saves it to a list in your profile so you don’t have to sift through the library to find it again if it’s a technique you want to focus on.

As for the video library; it’s packed! they have a huge list of techniques from the extremely basic to extremely advanced. Draculino really tries to cover everything, and that’s mainly why I have such a high opinion of this program.

As far as price goes, you can get a year of access to this site for less than you’d pay for a lot of DVD sets, and i covers everything. Not just a couple of the stronger parts of Draculino’s personal game like most DVDs out there.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is new to jiu-jitsu and was thinking about getting a good DVD for beginners; this will do more for you. I’d also recommend it to people who aren’t getting enough time in at the gym or had to take a break from training because of work or whatever reason. really anyone who has the time to watch jiu-jitsu related material will get a lot of good out of this.”

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