We’ve launched!

Our launch day is finally upon us!  After a ton of hard work by at least a dozen different folks, we are ready to share our information with the world.

This site was started when his student Justin was talking with Draculino about how to best learn BJJ.  The other online resources are good and all, but after applying techniques learned at a certain BJJ101-type site and seeing them not work, Justin felt there had to be a better way.  As it turns out, most of the resources online are “good enough”, but in fact many of them teach material that either won’t work or doesn’t have sufficient detail.  And as someone with less than a few years experience, it’s often impossible to know what’s good/bad.

Enter Draculino, a 4th degree black belt who is not only a proven gi, no-gi and mma champion, but also a trainer of champions.  That last statement is an important distinction and worth considering.  You see, many people teach BJJ but they’ve never lived the life of a competitor so they don’t have the experience necessary to really understand what they are teaching.  Or you can get the flip side – a top notch competitor who isn’t a proven teacher.  Draculino is both a proven teacher and battle tested competitor!

So enjoy the site and really dig in to the high quality of the instructional material.  It won’t let you down.  And if you need a lesson plan to work from, the curriculum is top notch and follows his progressive training system that he’s used for over 15 years.  We are unaware of anyone who has put together curriculum, let alone someone with a proven track record of teaching.

Since the site is new, it’s possible that there are some kinks.  Just click the ‘contact us’ link and let us know.  And if you have any specific questions, just shoot them to us.

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